A classic yacht built by John Trumpy in 1958 for his
personal use and originally named Aurora, as were all
Trumpy’s personal yachts, and restored to its original
condition and renamed Bernadette by John Kent Cooke,
former President of the NFL Washington Redskins.

All Trumpys are beautifully designed – not an ugly one in
existence – but this one, with its clipper bow and fantail and
the sweep of the sheer, is truly unique,” comments John
Kent Cooke.  

“In its day Trumpys were the model of luxury, owned by the
era’s famous sailors:  Chrysler, Hughes, Guggenheim,
DuPont, Whitney, and are now prized by today’s collectors of
wooden motor yachts.  

Trumpy yachts were designed for cruising the east coast of
North America and to cruise the Bahamas and the Virgin

Bernadette was built in the last Trumpy yard in Annapolis,
Maryland.  She is 70 feet long, 16 feet wide, and draws 4 ½
feet.  She has a double planked mahogany hull, black
Virginia paneling in the salon, and features two cabins, main
deck level galley, and a mahogany wheelhouse.  Bernadette
is all original but with modern systems and conveniences:  
new engines and generators, new plumbing and wiring, five
zone air conditioning, modern navigational aids, and original
Trumpy-designed furniture and maritime antiques.  

In 2011 Bernadette won the Ocean Reef Club Vintage
Classic Award for Best Restoration.
LOCATION East 91 Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10128
PHONE (212) 860-0410   FAX (212) 860-0140
LOCATION 315 East 91 Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10128
PHONE (212) 860-0410   FAX (212) 860-0140
Before and After photos of this Unique Yacht Restoration